Family Readiness System

The Family Readiness System (FRS) is the network of programs, services, people, and agencies, and the collaboration among them, that promotes the readiness and quality of life of service members and their families. The services available through the FRS can help you develop new skills and tackle life’s challenges – in every stage of military life.

What services are available through the Family Readiness System?

The following services are available through the FRS. Additional services, which vary by access point, may be offered to meet the unique needs of your installation or community.

  • Mobility and deployment assistance. Services designed to help you adjust to all phases of the deployment cycle.
  • Relocation assistance. Information, education, and referrals to help with questions related to permanent change of station moves such moving costs, housing options, child care, spouse employment opportunities, schools, community orientation, and much more.
  • Personal financial management. Services that provide tools and information to help you achieve financial goals and address financial challenges. Topics include consumer education, budgeting and debt liquidation, retirement planning, and savings and investment counseling.
  • Spouse education and career services. Services include career exploration opportunities, education and training, employment readiness assistance, and employment connections.
  • Family life education. Education and enrichment services that focus on helping families build and maintain healthy relationships and strengthen problem-solving skills.
  • Emergency family assistance. Services that promote short and long-term recovery and the return to a stable environment after an emergency.
  • Domestic abuse prevention and response services. Education, support services, and treatmentto help promote healthy and safe intimate relationships, reduce the occurrence of domestic abuse and address domestic abuse when it occurs.
  • Child abuse prevention and response services. Services that help promote positive parent-child relationships, prevent child abuse, and address abuse when it occurs.
  • New parent support. Services designed to help new parents adapt to parenthood, including playgroups, classes, and access to books, booklets, and other written materials on parenting.
  • Exceptional family member (EFM) support. For families with special needs, education and assistance related to the EFM Program enrollment and assignment coordination process, non-clinical case management, and relocation support.
  • Non-medical individual and family counseling. Short-term, non-medical counseling services address topics related to personal growth and positive functioning.
  • Transition assistance. Services that prepare separating service members and their families to reenter civilian life.
  • Morale, Welfare, and Recreation. A variety of recreational opportunities that include fitness and sports, libraries, skill development programs and travel and lodging.
  • Information and referral. Information designed to help you become familiar with and access the range of services available through the FRS.

How do I access services?

You can visit, call, or log on to one of the FRS access points listed below. Regardless of your Service branch or geographic location, you will have access to helpful support and resources. If the access point you choose does not have what you need, simply request help finding it. FRS access points include:

Installation-based Military and Family Support Centers

Installation-based Military and Family Support Centers are a one-stop-shop for family readiness information and services. Centers are open to all service members and their families, regardless of the service member’s branch. Find your local installation’s center by visiting MilitaryINSTALLATIONS or the links below. Each branch of Service uses a Service-unique name for this access point:

Reserve Component Family Programs

Reserve Component Family Programs deliver family readiness services in a number of ways: through facility-based locations, website, or by telephone. While these access points deliver a limited number of direct services to members and their families, they can readily refer you to other FRS resources. Find your Reserve Component Family Program by visiting the links below:

Joint Family Support Assistance Program (JFSAP)

JFSAP is a Defense-wide program that augments services provided through installation-based Military and Family Support Centers and Reserve Component Family Programs. JFSAP teams, which are based at each state’s Joint Force Headquarters, provide services such as non-medical individual and family counseling through Military and Family Life Counselors (MFLCs); information about MOS resources and services; and referrals to community-based services and support such as assistance locating child care.

Community Organizations

Non-military, community organizations that support military families are also considered a part of the FRS, as they play a key role in providing the services you need for everyday life. A listing of federal and civilian partners that are officially recognized by the Department of Defense is available online. Your local access points (Military and Family Support Center, Guard and Reserve Component Family Program, MOS, and JFSAP) can also connect you to other approved partners offering services in your local community.