MilitaryCafe Weekly Tips

The primary goal of is to help veterans and deployed military with all their needs whether it be financial or healthcare realted.  Here are some weekly tips that may be useful to you.

Commissaries and Exchanges Tip of the Week – When natural disasters strike, you want to be prepared. Find out how!

Discover safety tips to help ensure you’re prepared for fires, hurricanes and earthquakes. Explore the “Are You Prepared” section of the Exchange online website with safety items available to help you prepare. Click the link for details.

Counseling Tip of the Week – Children and Youth Behavioral Military and Family Life Counselors 

Children and youth behavioral family life counselors play a key role in giving military children the support they may need during some of the more challenging periods of military life. Visit this article to find out more about how to access the services they provide.

Defense State Liaison Office Tip of the Week – Find out if your professional license will transfer with your move

Did you know there are several professional licenses that will travel with you when you are assigned to a new location? Learn if yours falls into this category and start the transfer process as soon as you get orders to help your move go more smoothly!

Family Advocacy Program Tip of the Week – Learn More about Child Development

Visit the Centers for Disease Control’s website for a comprehensive list of resources to track and support your child’s development. Resources are available for parents, health care professionals and early educators.

Relocation Tip of the Week – Check out to assist you with getting started with your move!

Start early! Once you get your orders and know the dates you want to move, immediately start the moving process. The sooner you start, the better the chance you’ll lock in the dates you want.