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It is a well known fact that a Veteran’s loyalty to their country spills over into their purchasing habits. In other words Vets are extremely loyal to companies that are, “Veteran Friendly”.

There are 24.9 million Veterans of the U.S. armed forces  according to the Census Bureau. Add spouses and children and you have almost 50 million people.

Average Age:
56 (largest group= 45-64 and second largest= 18-35).
most Vets are employed with 34% retired.

75% of Vets are married with income of $55,000+.

60+% of Vets have more than a high school education.

How it Works

First, we give you the best access to veterans and their families in your area through our monthly newsletter.
Second, for a donation of a product and/or service you will receive three times it’s retail value. For example, if you 
donate something of a retail value of a $100, you receive $300 worth of advertising.
Third, the products and services are given out based on feedback from Vets in the community.

Ads normally cost $75 per newsletter (monthly – per area).
The ads are in 4 color and 300 pix wide by 400 pix high.
All ads are supplied by the advertiser and should be in .jpg format.

Ads & Articles Created

We have professionals who can create an ad and/or article showcasing your product, service or company. Contact us for details.

Sample Newsletter

Click here to see a sample of our monthly newsletter containing ads.

We Are All Volunteers

Which means 100% of the money is spent helping veterans and their families.

Please contact us for more information.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

The crew