Quick Tips for Filing a Property Loss Claim after a Move

The Department of Defense and the military services do their best to ensure your personal property is moved efficiently and safely. Unfortunately, there are times when personal property is damaged or lost during a move. If that’s the case, you’ll want to file a damage report and a claim. The following information will help you understand the reporting deadlines and claims filing process.

  • Use the Defense Personal Property System website, Move.mil to report loss or damages and to file claims. The site’s guide for filing a claim will walk you through the process.
  • Reports of loss or damage must be filed within 75 days of your delivery date if the report is made online. If you make the report through your installation’s Transportation Office, the deadline is 70 days after delivery.
  • Within five days of the delivery, the transportation service provider may offer a quick claim settlement if the total claim is less than $500.
  • After the report of loss or damage is filed, you may begin the claims filing process.
  • You must file a claim within nine months of your delivery date to have the claim paid at full replacement value. Claims should be filed directly your transportation service provider, which can be found on Move.mil.
  • You may file a claim up to two years after delivery, but after nine months you will not receive a settlement for full replacement value.
  • Your installation’s transportation office can also help you report loss or damages and file claims.
  • Be sure to complete the Customer Satisfaction Survey at Move.mil. The survey helps the Department of Defense eva