Wounded Warrior Acronyms

The military often uses abbreviations, or acronyms, as shorthand for longer terms. If a service member you care about is recovering from an injury or illness and you’re involved in the recovery process, you are likely to encounter many new acronyms. Here are the meanings of common acronyms you may hear or see, especially in a military medical setting:

Terms related to injuries and treatment

MEDEVAC: Medical Evacuation (often by helicopter)

MTF, MMTF: Military Treatment Facility or Military Medical Treatment Facility, for example:

  • LRMC: Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (Landstuhl, Germany)
  • NMCSD: Naval Medical Center San Diego, “Balboa” (San Diego, California)
  • BAMC: Brooke Army Medical Center (Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas)
  • WRNMMC: Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (Bethesda, Maryland)

OT: Occupational Therapy

PT: Physical Therapy

SI: Seriously Injured; NSI: Not Seriously Injured; VSI: Very Seriously Injured

SPECAT: Special Category (of injury)

WIA: Wounded in Action

Medical conditions

COS: Combat/Operational Stress

PTSD: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

SCI: Spinal Cord Injury

TBI: Traumatic Brain Injury

Service-branch programs

AW2: Army Wounded Warrior Program (formerly called DS3)

WWR: Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment

AFW2: Air Force Wounded Warrior Program (formerly known as Air Force Palace HART)

Terms related to Medical Review Boards

COAD: Continuation on Active Duty

COAR: Continuing on Active Reserve

DES: Disability Evaluation System

EPTE: Existed Prior to Entry

HAO: Home Awaiting Orders

MEB: Medical Evaluation Board

MOS: Military Occupational Specialty

PEB: Physical Evaluation Board

PEBLO: Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer

PDRL: Permanent Disability Retirement List

PLD: Permanent Limited Duty

TDRL: Temporary Disability Retirement List

VASRD: Veterans Administration Schedule for Ratings Disabilities

Other terms

CAC: Casualty Assistance Center

CAO, CACO, CNO: Casualty Assistance Officer, Casualty Assistance Call Officer, Casualty Notification Officer

CDR: Commander

CONUS: Continental United States; OCONUS: Outside the Continental United States

DFAS: Defense Finance Accounting Service

DoD: Department of Defense

FRG: Family Readiness Group

FMLA: Family and Medical Leave Act

ITOs: Invitational Travel Orders

MLO: Marine Liaison Office

NMA: Non-Medical Attendant

NOK: Next of Kin; PNOK: Primary Next of Kin; SNOK: Secondary Next of Kin

OEF: Operation Enduring Freedom

OIF: Operation Iraqi Freedom

SSN: Social Security Number

TSGLI: Traumatic Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance

VA: Department of Veterans Affairs

VBA: Veterans Benefit Administration

VSO: Veteran Service Officer